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[information updated: 17 February 2022]

We are doing our best to support you during this challenging time.

Visit this page to stay up-to-date with the services we can provide. This information may change as we move through the Traffic Light levels of the COVID Protection Framework.

We’ve also included important guidelines that we ask you to follow if we’re visiting your home or business.

Traffic light system

At Orange, East Coast Plumbing and Gas is able to provide the full range of gas, plumbing, drainage and central heating services to your home or business.

We will be following strict government health and safety and hygiene guidelines to ensure that our team and our community stay safe.

Booking your job

If you would like to book a new job, fill in our form or contact us on 06 211 6462.

Visiting our showroom

If you are unwell, waiting for Covid-19 test results, or have been at a location of interest please do not visit our showroom.

All visitors to our showroom must wear masks, scan in and use hand sanitiser on arrival. Please maintain a 2 metre distance from our staff at all times.

Preparing your property for our arrival

We’ve outlined these steps to protect you and our team.

Please follow the instructions below so we can keep everyone safe.

Before we arrive:

  1. If you or any member of your household are waiting for Covid-19 test results, have been at a location of interest or are self isolating, please let us know before we enter your property. To protect the health of our team and our customers we will help you to reschedule your appointment for another time.
  2. Please make sure all household members/employees have left any area our team may need to enter. This includes access areas – such as driveways or pathways around the house – as well the location of the immediate problem
  3. All doors and gates between where we park our vehicle and the work area should be left open wherever possible to minimise our need to use door handles and gate latches.

When we arrive at your property:

  1. Please maintain a 2 metre distance from our team at all times. Please help us to stay safe by wearing a face mask. If you choose not to wear a mask we will need to view proof of vaccination before coming on your premises.
  2. Once we have identified the problem we will ask you to move to a different area of your property while we complete the work required
  3. Please keep all household members/employees out of any area our team needs to access while we remain on the property.
  4. Contact tracing: to help us to protect each other and comply with the contact tracing requirements, members of our team are GPS tracked and the main person site details are recorded on our system.

After we leave your property

We will be carefully managing all contact with our team. If you or any member of your household become sick after we have visited your property, please let us know straight away. Please don’t wait until you are tested, your help will allow us to keep all of our customers safe.

You can find out more about the guidelines for tradespeople working in your property here:


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