5 bathroom trends you need to know about in 2020

Whether you’re building a new home, adding a new bathroom or renovating your existing bathroom; choosing a style that suits you is an important and sometimes challenging part of the process. 

If you’re ready to draw some inspiration from the latest bathroom trends of 2020 then this article is for you. Read on for our 5 top features of 2020 bathroom design.

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1. Make your bathroom style creatively unique

If you’re ready to make an impact then creating a bathroom that’s uniquely creative is sure to generate the wow factor. Designers love to use a bathroom to add a statement to a home by pushing the limits of traditional style.

If you’re looking for design inspiration then take a closer look at brightly coloured fixtures and fittings and how you can use them to make a splash in your bathroom. Bold, vibrant colours or contrasting colours like black or white can create a unique focus. Strong metallic finishes can accentuate the design of fixtures or connect with other pieces of furniture.

Vanities are also a focus for creativity in 2020 bathroom design. Consider how you can create vanity pairs and add a unique creative flair to define the space. Asymmetrical mirror placements, slimline cabinetry and clever tilework can all feature to make an impact.

Coloured taps and use of colour in fixtures combine to create a unique impact in this bold red bathroom.

2. Transform your bathroom into a natural escape

Houseplants have been a favourite interior feature throughout 2020 and now they’re taking over the bathroom. 2020 sees the dominance of the bathroom as a natural escape from the rest of the house. Adding natural materials and plant life creates the feeling of an oasis.

When you’re designing or renovating your bathroom, you have a unique opportunity to create spaces where you can place feature plants for effect. Consider how you can carry this focus on the natural world through your bathroom space with artwork and tile colour and texture. Add natural materials such as wood to create the finishing touch on your tranquil natural space.

Adding plants can create a relaxing, natural space.

3. Tile your new bathroom to frame or for understatement

Tiles are an important part of any bathroom design and they’re also one of the most challenging elements to change. If you’re considering adding tiles to your bathroom space, you need to be sure that you’re going to enjoy the effect they create.

In 2020 two contrasting tile directions have emerged as favourites with designers. For smaller spaces, using bold and dark colours has accentuated the feeling of sanctuary and the enveloping comfort of a bathroom. In larger bathrooms tiles are either growing to fill the space or sitting back and becoming an understated feature.

If you want to follow the trends of 2020, think elegance as the guide in your use of tiles in your new bathroom space. Choose neutral colours and consider carefully where you do and don’t place tiles for impact.

Dark tiles can create an enveloping and comforting space to escape to.

4. When choosing baths and sinks, shape and material matter

If you’re in search of a unique style element for your new bathroom, take a closer look at what’s available in sinks and baths. The trends of 2020 bathroom design see shape and material both offer the opportunity to turn a traditionally functional piece of furniture into a style statement.

Unusual and certainly worth a closer look, adding natural materials like stone or solid materials like concrete into your bathroom design can add a definite style statement.

If you’re excited about exploring shape then try trending bath and sink shapes influenced by Japanese culture and style.

Concrete and natural stone present the opportunity to turn a functional piece of bathroom furniture into a feature.

5. Open showers are favoured in 2020 bathroom design

If you have the space to enjoy it, an open shower in the Italian style is definitely a consistent feature in 2020 bathroom design. For large spaces this can be left completely open while less spacious layouts may benefit from a glass screen that separates the shower without reducing the flow of light.

Open showers create interesting opportunities to make a feature with tiles, and also present the chance to add some clever design elements. Consider how you can add functionality with shelving, alcoves, hooks and decorative use of lights.

Glass walls can be used to create separation in open showers without reducing the feeling of space.

Protect the investment you make in your new bathroom

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