Whole house water filtration across Hawke’s Bay

Would you like cleaner water, direct from the tap?

We supply and install water filtration solutions for homes and businesses, wherever you’re based in Hawke’s Bay. Enjoy purer water however you use it. From single tap filters to whole home solutions.

We supply, maintain and install Puretec water filters

We choose Puretec: for results you can rely upon. Puretec water filtration systems offer high quality water purification solutions, allowing us to match the right type of water filter to your home and your budget.

Puretec water filters can work on: an individual tap or a whole home or business; for rainwater house supplies; for bore water house supplies; for mains / town water supplies. With Puretec, you choose the flow rate and filtration method that suits your needs.

Purer water for small to medium Hawke’s Bay homes on town water.

We recommend the Puretec WH2-30 Water Filtration system for whole home water filtration: giving you cleaner water throughout your home. The WH2-30 is a whole home water purification system that cost-effectively reduces chlorine, chemicals and sediment in your water while improving the taste and odour.

Enjoy spring-like water throughout your home.

Water filtration for medium to large Hawke’s Bay homes on town water.

Would you like to enjoy cleaner water with less taste and odour?

For larger homes on mains supply we recommend the Puretec WH2-55 or WH2-60 Water Filtration system. Offering great value, both the WH2-55 and WH2-60 offer a high flow rate whole home water purification solution: ideal for bigger homes and businesses.

Enjoy access to cleaner water from every outlet in your home.

Rainwater and Bore Water Filtration Solutions in Hawke’s Bay

We offer a complete range of water filtration solutions for homes and businesses who are not on mains water supply. Whether you’re drawing water from a bore or collecting rainwater. East Coast Plumbing and Gas can provide a solution that ensures safer, cleaner water that everyone can enjoy.

Maintain your water filtration system for better results

When you invest in a water purification system you want to enjoy value for years to come. Regular service and maintenance ensures that your water filtration system is always in the best working condition, and your water is always as clean as it can be.

East Coast Plumbing and Gas offer a full maintenance service including replacement and disposal of water filters. We can help you choose the best type of water filter for your system and your water supply, and take the hard work out of keeping your water clean.

Start by testing your water quality

Get the best value out of your water filtration when you start with a water quality test.

We’ll manage and complete your water quality test and you’ll enjoy comprehensive results that show you exactly what chemicals and sediment you have in your water.

We’re more than qualified to get your plumbing work done.

East Coast Plumbing and Gas combine over 30 years trade experience with membership of the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board (PGDB) and Master Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers NZ Inc. We take pride in doing the job well and getting it right first time. Once you’ve worked with us, you won’t want to call anyone else.

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