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Adding gas to your home or business is both an efficient and a convenient solution. Whether you’re using gas to cook, to heat your hot water, in a fire or in central heating: gas gives you complete control.

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Gas hot water solutions.

Would you like to add a gas hot water solution to your home? Gas hot water heaters combine efficiency, control and flexibility. Allowing you to enjoy hot water when you need it and avoid the cost of maintaining hot water when you don’t.

If you’re tired of cold showers in the morning or waiting for your taps to run hot, why not switch to gas? Gas hot water systems can be matched to your household, giving you access to hot water at exactly the temperature and quantity that matches the needs of your home.

The team at East Coast Plumbing and Gas are experts in the supply, installation and maintenance of gas hot water systems. We can help you to explore the options available and find the right unit to suit your budget and your needs. Once installed, we can also help you to maintain your appliance so it stays safe and you can keep enjoying the efficiency of gas hot water heating.

Gas Cooking.

There’s a reason chefs cook with gas. If you’re looking for a cooking option that gives you complete control of your temperature from a low simmer to a wok-blistering heat: gas could be the right option for you.

East Coast Plumbing and Gas can help you install the right gas hob or oven for your home.

Warm your room with a gas heater or fireplace.

Gas offers a complete control heating solution for your home. If you want heat at the touch of a button – and to be able to switch it off just as easily – a gas heater or fireplace is the right solution for you.

Gas is a smart solution for heating modern homes. Homes that have been designed to absorb radiant warmth from the sun can often get too warm when heated with traditional methods such as log or coal fires.

Gas fireplaces offer you the ability to switch on heat and enjoy it as soon as you need it – then switch it off again once you’ve warmed the room. Complete control also allows you to control the cost and ensure you’re only paying to heat your home when you need it.

Unlock the full potential of your home with gas central heating. If you’re


Don’t be limited to the most popular model. Our range of gas appliances are chosen for performance, style and to give you access to the right model for your budget.


The team at East Coast Plumbing and Gas can help you choose the right appliance to deliver the results you’re looking for. Our starting point is the functionality you need and the control that only comes from gas. It’s time to enjoy living with gas in your home.

We’re more than qualified to get your plumbing work done.

East Coast Plumbing and Gas combine over 30 years trade experience with membership of the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board (PGDB) and Master Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers NZ Inc. We take pride in doing the job well and getting it right first time. Once you’ve worked with us, you won’t want to call anyone else.

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