Want heat?

Whether you’re warming a room or your whole home, we can help you choose and install the right solution.

East Coast Plumbing and Gas are experts in keeping customers warm across Napier, Hastings and the Hawke’s Bay region.  

Heating a room or part of your home?

If you need to add some warmth to your home: we can help. Adding a heat source doesn’t need to be hard work.  

Adding Central Heating to your home in NZ

We install central heating into homes across Napier, Hastings and the wider Hawke’s Bay region.

There are a range of heat sources and types of central heating available – allowing you to create the system that best suits your needs.

Hot Water (Hydronic)
Central Heating​

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Warm Air
Central Heating

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Central Heating
Heat Sources

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Heat Pumps

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If you’re ready to enjoy warmth throughout your home, across the year, contact us today and we can help you choose the best solution


The right heating for your home

There are a range of central heating solutions available and we can also help you to connect to other heat sources for increased efficiency.

If you’re interested in heating a room or part of your home, we can also provide more information on and install: gas fires , diesel, heat pumps and electric towel warmers. Contact us today for more details.


Improving health as well as comfort

Proper household heating is essential to maintain comfort levels during the cold winter months, but did you know that research* has also shown that proper insulation and heating can have a significantly positive effect on your health?

For most of us we experience nothing more than the physical discomfort of feeling cold, but the risk of illness – and even death – to the elderly, infirm, or infants can significantly increase in an inadequately heated home. 

East Coast Plumbing and Gas can help you to turn a cold house into a warm home, with heating solutions tailored to you.


Heating your home with radiators

Hot Water (hydronic) Central Heating can be used with wall radiators to heat your house. Radiators are installed across your home and circulate hot water that is heated from a Central Heating Heat Source. The radiators ‘radiate’ heat into the air in each room, effectively warming the whole space.

East Coast Plumbing and Gas has over 50 years of combined experience in both the design and installation of hydronic central heating. We can offer a range of options to suit different house designs, requirements and budgets. Hydronic central heating is a preferred central heating option for installation into existing homes with little or no disruption.

Like all plumbing systems, central heating benefits from regular maintenance and care. Ask our team what’s involved in looking after your existing or new central heating, and be sure you’ll get the best results from any investment you make into heating your home.


Heating your home with underfloor heating

Hot Water (Hydronic) Central Heating can be used to heat your home from the floor up. A system of pipes is installed into concrete floors across the home. The hot water flows from the Central Heating Heat Source, through the pipes and heats the concrete flooring. The concrete then radiates heat upwards into the rooms.

Due to the installation requirements, underfloor heating is best suited to new builds and major renovations. Underfloor heating is well suited to large spaces and open plan environments, and is often a popular choice in modern homes or larger residential premises like care and nursing homes, open plan offices, and meeting halls.

If you are interested in adding underfloor heating to an existing building or new build, East Coast Plumbing and Gas will work with you and the supplier to design the best system for your budget and your needs. East Coast Plumbing and Gas are skilled at installing underfloor heating with minimum disruption to the flow of your build or renovation project.


Warm Air Central Heating

Warm Air Central Heating uses a Central Heating Heat Source to create warm air that is circulated throughout your building using insulated ducting. Depending on your home and your preference, the ducting can be installed in your ceilings or in your floors. Ducting is connected to diffusers which pump the heated air into each room. A return duct collects cool air and returns it to the furnace for it to be heated and pumped out again into the house.

Warm Air Central Heating is suitable for installation in new and existing homes. It provides a practical solution for homes that lack the wall space needed for radiators and would like to install central heating without the inconvenience of retrofitting underfloor heating.

East Coast Plumbing and Gas are experts at installing Warm Air Heating. We’ve got over 50 years combined experience designing and installing central heating systems, and we can work with you and the local suppliers to create and install a design that works for you. Contact us today.

There are a variety of options available to you if you want to generate the heat needed to warm your home.

If you’re wondering if your preferred heat source is right for your preferred central heating system, give us a call. We can help you to explore the options that will suit the size and shape of your home or business, and design the right system for you.

Commercial heating solutions

We help businesses across Hawke’s Bay to implement the right central heating systems.

From small spaces to large areas. East Coast Plumbing and Gas can help you to find the most effective solution to warm your business premises. Our options can give you complete control of your temperature, allowing you to select heat when you need it and not pay for it when you don’t. 

Because we match your central heating system to your business, we can make it easier to align heating your premises with wider business goals like cost-effectiveness, embracing new technology and reducing your carbon footprint. Talk to us today and we can help you choose the right central heating system for you.

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