Tips to prepare your property for the cooler months ahead

It’s the time of year when the nights get longer and the days get cooler. If you’re starting to feel like Winter is just around the corner then this blog is designed to help you prepare your home for the months ahead.

From servicing your home’s source of heat to making sure your drains are clear and your insulation is going to keep you cosy. We’ve pulled together some top tips for pre-Winter property maintenance to make it easier to prepare. Read on to find out more.

1. Maintain and service your central heating

If you have a central heating system then now’s a good time to get it prepared for Winter. That can help you be sure it’s working in top condition for the cold months ahead. Whatever type of central heating system you have; get your boiler or energy source serviced. That will ensure energy efficiency and reduce the chance of it failing you when you need it most.

If your central heating system has radiators it can be a good idea to bleed them once a year. We recommend booking in an annual maintenance and getting East Coast Plumbing and Gas to do this for you.

Bleeding radiators is a process that removes any air bubbles from inside your radiators. It’s usually best done by an expert – especially if your radiators are pressurised. Air bubbles can reduce the efficiency of your central heating by impacting the circulation of water. You can check if you need to do this by feeling the temperature at the top of your radiators. It should be consistent across the whole radiator.

Interested in installing central heating in your home? East Coast Plumbing and Gas are your local central heating experts. We specialise in matching the best central heating system to Hawke’s Bay homes. Contact us today to find out more or explore your central heating options on our website.

2. Get your chimney professionally swept

If you burn fuel like wood or coal in a fireplace you may need to get your chimney swept once a year. A dirty chimney can start a house fire and could impact the efficiency of your wood burning stove. Regularly chimney sweeping can also be a condition of insurance: check with your insurer for details.

Now’s a good time to book in a professional chimney sweep service. In most cases they will be able to service your wood burner at the same time. Making sure your fire bricks and seals are in good condition is important for fire efficiency and safety.

3. Check your drains and gutters

Overflowing gutters and drains can damage your property and cause flooding. If your gutters overflow regularly you may find the structure of your home becomes damp. As well as the potential damage this can cause, heat loss is much quicker in a damp property than in a property with dry walls.

Overflowing drains and gutters can damage your property.

Because Autumn is a time of leaf fall, it’s also an important time to keep an eye on your drains and gutters and keep them clear. A simple check is to walk around your property when it’s raining and make sure there are no signs of overflowing gutters or downpipes that appear to be blocked. If your gutters are hard to see or you’re not sure what you’re looking for; ask an expert to help.

Need help maintaining your drains? Take a look at our tips for taking care of your drains all year round.

4. Service any gas appliances

Gas appliances (like fires, heaters and hot water heaters) need to be regularly serviced to make sure they are operating safely and efficiently.

Many gas appliances need to be serviced on a regular basis to keep them safe and make sure they are working properly. If you have gas heaters or fires, or gas hot water heaters or cooking appliances: a season change can make a good reminder to book in maintenance and services.

If you’re not sure what needs to be serviced; take a look at our article on Looking after your gas appliances. It’s packed full of useful information about what needs to be done to keep your gas appliances efficient and safe.

Book in a service of your gas appliances today.

5. Service your heat pump

Most heat pump manufacturers recommend servicing your heat pump once a year. Regular servicing will keep filters clear and ensure that your heat pump works as efficiently as possible with the energy it uses.

You might choose to do this before Summer to maximise the cooling power of your heat pump in the Hawke’s Bay Summer. The other alternative is to service your heat pump before Winter to make sure it can provide the warmth you expect from it without extra cost.

6. Check your insulation is in good condition

Regularly checking and repairing your insulation can keep your home warmer in Winter.

If you’re going to pay to heat your home in the cool months ahead; it’s important to know the heat isn’t going to leak out of your roof, windows or doors. Check the insulation you have in place and make sure it doesn’t need any repairs before the Winter ahead.

Insulation isn’t just in your ceilings and under your floors: it’s also about how you cover your windows and doors. Now’s a good time to fit draft excluders and invest in new window covering if needed. For more detail on insulating your home, take a look at our article Renovate for a warmer home.

7. Check your outside lights are working

Longer nights mean more chance that you’re going to be leaving or arriving home in the dark. Security lights are a great way to make sure you feel safe and your property is protected from intruders.

If your security lights are in need of repair or replacement, now is a good time to put them back on your to-do list.

We’re experts in maintaining your central heating, gas appliances, drains and plumbing

East Coast Plumbing and Gas are your Hawke’s Bay experts in maintenance of central heating, gas heating, gas hot water systems, drains and plumbing.

We recommend our customers plan in regular maintenance of their drains and appliances to make sure you reduce the risk of dealing with unplanned repair or replacement costs. Regular maintenance ensures more efficient fuel consumptions and makes sure your gas appliances are operating safely.

Our team has over 30 years of trade experience and we’re ready to help you look after your property. Get in touch today and let us know how we can help.

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