Control the climate of your home with gas

If you want to choose a new energy source to heat your home, it’s important to consult with an expert. Heating your home doesn’t need to be hard work. It just needs to reflect your needs and your budget, and it should be easy to control.

That’s why gas is often the smart choice for customers who want to heat their home. Gas is not only convenient, economical and efficient; it also gives you complete control over the warmth of your home.

There are a wide range of ways you can use gas to heat a room or your whole home. Here are some of the different gas heating options you could consider.

Enjoy a warmer room with a gas heater

A gas heater is a cost effective and unobtrusive way to warm your home. Depending on the layout of the room you want to heat, you can choose between a range of differently-sized floor standing models.

East Coast Plumbing and Gas offer a range of Rinnai Gas heaters. Rinnai Gas Heaters are economical: offering you total control of your energy consumption because you have total control over your heat output. Contact us today for the best option for your home.

Rinnai Gas Heaters are energy efficient and give you total control of your room temperature. They also offer a great heating solution if you have small children in your home and are looking for a safe heat source. These gas heaters have no exposed flame and come in a cool to touch cabinet.

Gas heaters can also be beneficial to the air quality of your home: producing warm dry air without creating dust or pollutants. This can make them a popular choice for asthma or allergy sufferers.

Offering an excellent heating solution for any room size, gas floor standing heaters are a great way to heat up your space.

The beauty of living flames combined with the convenience of gas

Gas fires combine the economical efficiency of gas with the latest designs and styles, creating a feature in your home that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Rinnai create gas fires that can be built into walls and are offered in a wide selection of sizes and designs, allowing you to create the perfect match for your needs and your interior.

Rinnai Linear Gas Fires offer you the opportunity to turn your heat source into an architectural feature. Choose from one or two viewing windows and enjoy the versatility of indoor and outdoor fire options.

The Rinnai Linear Fire is an architectural feature in any room.

If you love wood burning stoves you may like to include a scandinavian-designed Rais fire in your home. The free standing Rais gas fire models offer a sleek and modern way to heat your home. Rais fires give you total control of the heat in your home, while adding a talking point to any room.

Rais Viva L fires make a statement in any home.

With a winning combination of design, control and living flames, the latest range of Gas Fires are an economical and stylish way to heat any room in your home.

Explore the latest range of gas fires at the East Coast Plumbing and Gas showroom. There’s no substitute for seeing the beauty of the real thing. Visit us today.

Gas Central Heating

If warming one room is not enough, you may want to consider adding central heating to your home. Central heating is an efficient and effective way to heat your complete home.

Unlike a single heat source that heats one room, central heating allows your whole home to be heated to a temperature that’s programmed by you and maintained by your central heating system. That means no more cold bathrooms or huddling around the fire trying to get warm on a cold morning.

Gas is an economical and easy to control energy source for central heating. Gas Central Heating includes the following options:

Warm Air Central Heating

Warm air central heating uses a central heat source to create warm air that is then circulated throughout your home. This is done through ducts in either your ceiling or floors which are connected to diffusers that pump the hot air into each room that you wish to heat.

Warm air central heating can be a space efficient way to add heating if you’re short of the wall space needed for radiators and hot water central heating. It’s also a great solution if you are building a new home or adding central heating to an existing home. Ducting is easier to retrofit than water pipes, particularly where roof or underfloor access may be restricted.

Warm air central heating is thermostatically controlled and allows you to set a temperature for your whole home. The complete control you enjoy includes being able to set timers for when the heating goes on and off, and control the system remotely so it comes on before you come home from work.

You can look forward to enjoying your whole home no matter how cold it gets outside with a warm air central heating system.

Hot Water Central Heating

Installing Hot Water Central Heating is a wonderful way to warm up each room of your home individually. With Hot Water Central Heating a central heat source generates hot water which is then circulated throughout a radiator system, delivering warmth to your whole home.

Hot Water Central Heating does require wall space where the radiators are installed but each of those radiators can be both functional and a feature in the room where it’s located. Individual radiators can be switched on and off, allowing you to only warm your home where it’s needed.

Radiators can be simple and painted to match wall colours, or they can make a style statement on their own. In bathrooms they can function as both a source of heat and a great way to dry your towels. Wherever you place your radiators you will enjoy radiant warmth and the pleasure of a warm, evenly heated room.

Hot Water Central Heating is a great option for new and existing homes, and lends itself to being easily installed as long as there is access to install the necessary pipes. The complete control that comes with Hot Water Central Heating leads to great operational efficiency and allows homeowners to take control of both their running costs and the temperature of their home.

Are you ready to switch on to the convenience of gas?

If you want to control the climate of your home, gas is a versatile energy source that allows you to enjoy heat when you want it while also managing both your style and budget needs. You can choose between mains gas (where available) or LPG bottle. Whether you choose to heat your whole home with central heating or add a heater or fire to a single room: gas can deliver.

If you want to find the right heat solution for your home, call East Coast Plumbing and Gas. We’re experts at helping our customers find the right solution to heat their homes – so they can enjoy warm houses today and for many years to come.

Visit us today at our showroom or call us for a no obligation discussion on the right heating option for your home. We can help you choose and install the right solution so you can enjoy a warm home whatever the weather delivers outside.

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