Is high water pressure putting your plumbing to the test?

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High water pressure can damage taps, fixtures, pipes and fittings. Remove the risk of flooding or damage to your home and take action today.

Are you connected to the Hastings town water supply? If so, your residential or commercial plumbing could be suffering from high pressure.

Contact East Coast Plumbing and Gas today to protect your home from damage caused by high water pressure.

An increase in water pressure in the Hastings area

Sometime during 2018, the Hastings town water supply started being upgraded. This required that water be pumped further while water main upgrades were carried out. The result was an increase in water pressure. This could affect your homes or business if you are in Hastings, Flaxmere and Havelock North.

How could high water pressure impact you?

While you may think that high water pressure is a good thing, the reality is that if it’s too high it will start causing damage. Very high water pressure seeks out any weakness in your plumbing and starts to attack it. You may find water piping, valves, tapware and other plumbing fittings fail prematurely.

How can I tell if my water pressure is too high?

Most people will notice that their water pressure is too high. Signs include excessive pressure at taps, noisy pipes, and banging when turning taps off.

If you’re not sure, call East Coast Plumbing and Gas today. We can measure your water pressure and let you know if you’re likely to have a problem.

Who is responsible for controlling the pressure of water in my home or business?

The council is responsible for providing a clean, safe supply of drinking water to the boundary of your property. Once the water enters your property the responsibility – including controlling water pressure – is yours.

Is damage caused by high water pressure covered by my insurance policy?

As the home or business owner you are responsible for managing your water pressure. You may not be covered if high water pressure causes damage to your property. New Zealand Standards state that the incoming pressure of water to a domestic property should not exceed 500kpa. Exceeding this may invalidate insurance claims.

Whether you’re looking after a commercial or a residential property, it’s important to check your individual policy. Speak to your provider and ask whether you will be covered if damage to your home or business is caused by high water pressure.

How can I protect my home from damage?

The best way to protect your plumbing and fixtures from high pressure is to fit a pressure limiting valve to your supply. A simple installation begins at $300+GST and can take between 2 and 5 hours to get into place. This will protect your whole home or business premises.

If you’re concerned about existing or potential damage to your plumbing caused by high water pressure, contact East Coast Plumbing and Gas. We can help you understand your options and find a solution that protects your home from future damage.

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