The right heating system for your home

The right heating system for your home

Is your home warm enough? If the temperature of your home is making you uncomfortable, it could be time to explore your heating options.

Many New Zealand homes are simply not warm enough to be healthy in the Winter months. The World Health Organisation recommends a minimum indoor temperature of 18°C in living spaces and 16°C in bedrooms. This increases for young children and the elderly.

If you would like a warmer and healthier home; there are many heating options available. So how do you choose the right heating system for your home?

Do you have a preferred power/energy source?

Energy type is one of the factors that will drive your heating system choice. Before you begin considering your options it’s a good idea to determine if you already know what type of energy you would like to use.

From solar to geothermal to gas, wood and oil. Sometimes your choice may be determined by efficiency or perhaps you’re looking for the best environmental credentials. In some cases you may even enjoy a free supply of wood that’s key to making your heating cost effective.

If you already have a preferred power source, that’s likely to narrow down the heating options for your home. If you’re open to suggestions then read on to explore the other factors that could help you to choose the right heating system.

What area do you want to heat?

Whether you want to heat a whole house or a single room will drive the type of heating solution that’s right for you.

If you want to heat a single room it’s important to choose a heating option that’s designed to efficiently heat the size of your room. Control is also important as you don’t want to overheat your space: you need to be able to turn the heat down or off. You may also want remote functionality so you can heat a room before you’re in it, rather than weathering the chill until it becomes a comfortable space.

A gas fire can heat a room while giving you complete control of the temperature.

If you’re heating your whole home it’s important to consider what energy sources are available and whether you want ducted (through an air vent) heat or you would prefer radiators. Radiators require wall space and come in a range of designs to suit your style. Ducted heating systems can be designed to come through your floor or your ceiling so consider which would suit the design of your home.

What kind of home are you heating?

The heating systems available to you will also be impacted by the type of home you want to heat.

New homes benefit from heating that can be turned down once the ideal temperature is reached.

New homes are well insulated and designed to be warm. They often require a lower level of heating compared to older homes and are well suited to a central heating system that gently increases the temperature of the whole home. New homes also benefit from thermostatically controlled heating like gas fires and heat pumps that can be turned down once the home is warm enough.

Older homes can be cooler in Winter and sometimes require a higher input of energy to achieve warm rooms. Whichever heating system you prefer, an important starting point for an older home is to check you’re fully insulated and have taken the right steps to retain the heat you’re going to add to your home.

The design of your home will also impact the system that’s best suited to it. Concrete floors, flat roofs, underfloor access and brick walls can all affect which heating system is right for your home. Asking an expert is a good way to find out what’s possible.

The right heating system for your budget

When it comes to it, the most important aspect of your heating system is that you can afford it. Different types of heating come with different levels of cost, and whatever you choose needs to fit within your budget.

Before choosing your heating system, make sure you understand both the installation and the running costs so you can plan the longterm impact on your budget. More efficient heating systems like central heating and ducted heat pumps tend to cost more upfront but be more efficient in the long run. Being able to switch your heating on and off as you need it can greatly reduce the cost of heating your home.

Your local heating experts

Whatever your needs, there are a wide range of heating systems available to suit your preferred energy source, home and budget. If you’re in Hawke’s Bay and want to warm up your home, contact the team at East Coast Plumbing and Gas.

We offer a wide range of heating solutions and we specialise in matching the right system to each customer’s home. Book an appointment to visit our heating showroom today and we can help you to explore your options and take a closer look at what’s available.

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