Upgrade your home heating with a gas fire

Are you looking for a new heater for your home? If your existing fire is no longer compliant or you’re investigating the right heating options for your home: a gas fire is worth a closer look.

Combining clean fuel with efficient heating, there are many reasons why gas is popular with homeowners. With the latest designs available there’s no need to compromise on style. Let’s take a closer look at Gas Fires and the different styles available.

Image credit: Rinnai NZ Gas heaters and fire offer all the beauty of a living flame with the added benefit of total control.

Enjoy a living flame more, with gas

There are lots of positive benefits associated with adding real flames into your home. Living flames are beautiful and create a feature in any room. However if you have a current wood fire or are investigating one, you will know that wood fires come with their own challenges.

As well as requiring a continuous source of good firewood throughout the colder months, there’s also the work involved in managing that firewood. From the cost of ordering, to stacking it and drying it, then bringing it into your home every day. Not to mention the dust and mess (and occasional cockroaches) that come with it into your house.

That’s why we recommend gas fires to our customers. Gas fires come with all the beauty of a living flame but none of the hard work. Gas comes either from a mains supply or from easy-to-order LPG. There’s no lifting, loading or unloading for you to manage as a homeowner. Enjoying heat from your fire is as simple as switching on a button.

Take control of your energy consumption, with gas.

Gas fires and heaters also have the benefit of being a very efficient way of heating your home. The control that comes from being able to quickly switch on your fire also means you can switch it off as soon as you don’t need it. That means you only pay to heat your home when you need to and you’re only paying for the energy you wanted to consume.

Modern homes with insulation can quickly overheat if you don’t have control of the output of your heat source. Gas makes it easy to adjust how much heat you are receiving and when – putting you in complete control of heating your home.

Enjoy the latest designs of gas fires

Gas heaters have come a long way in the style stakes, and designers have embraced the challenge of making gas fires and heaters a feature in the modern home. There are a wide range of styles available that make it possible for you to choose exactly the right kind of gas fire to complement your home.

East Coast Plumbing and Gas offer our customers the latest range of Rinnai Gas Fires and Heaters, as well as Envirosolve’s Rais Gas Fires.

Introducing Rinnai Gas Fires

If you want to make a statement in your home then the Linear range of gas fires from Rinnai are a good place to start. With each fire you can benefit from FlameTech technology and a choice of either single or double-sided fires – allowing you to make a feature of your fire in more than one room.

FlameTech technology ensures that you get the most from your gas fire experience. Flames are designed to emanate directly from the realistic ceramic logs, with glowing embers and a larger flame height combining to give you all the pleasure of a real fire.

Rinnai Linear Gas Fires are available in a variety of sizes, going up to the impressive LInear 1500 which is a huge 1.5m in width. With ceramic logs that have been carefully designed to look like real driftwood, these wall-mounted fireplaces created an architectural impact in any home. You can even choose the Indoor-Outdoor option and enjoy the beauty of your fire outside while enjoying the warmth inside.

Rinnai Linear 800
Image credit: Rinnai NZ The Rinnai Linear 800 with double-sided glass makes a feature in more than one room.

All Rinnai Linear fires are wall-mounted, with fans incorporated to distribute heat across the room rather than leaving it to travel straight up. Linear fires also put you in control with either infra-red remote control or app-based functions such as thermostatic control and timers.

Would you like to find out more about Rinnai Fires? East Coast Plumbing and Gas have a range of Rinnai’s Linear Fires on display in our showroom and can help you explore the best option for your home. Find out more about our showroom.

Presenting Envirosolve’s range of Rais Gas Fires

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, then the Rais range of Scandinavian designer gas fires could be exactly what you’re searching for.

Featuring a round organic design and steady, beautiful flames, the freestanding Rais Viva L fires make a statement in any home. Ceramic logs and coals ensure that you can enjoy the convenience of gas and the beauty of a real flame.

Rais Viva 160
Image credit: Rais The Rais Viva 160 both warms a room and makes a design statement.

It’s not uncommon for owners of new homes to want to add the beauty of a wood burning stove. Rais designs freestanding gas fires that look just like a wood fire but with none of the hard work and maintenance. Switch it on and off and control the output with the remote control that’s included in your purchase. There’s also an app that offers additional features.

For a more traditional wood fire look, choose the Rais Q-Tee. Freestanding with a large curved glass door and rounded corners, the Rais Q-Tee delivers style and heat to any home. Enjoy cool understated elegance with an urban twist.

Come and see the Rais Viva L and Q-Tee fires in action at the East Coast Plumbing and Gas showroom. Our display models that make it easy to imagine this beautiful fire in your own home. Call us for more details or visit 308 Albert Street, Hastings.

Make your home sustainable with Sustainable Homes.

If you’re installing a gas fire in Hawke’s Bay, you may qualify for the Sustainable Homes Programme.

East Coast Plumbing and Gas are preferred suppliers of the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council Sustainable Homes Programme. This innovative scheme provides homeowners with access to a grant or funding for sustainable living and energy efficiency.

The Sustainable Homes funding is repayable at a low interest rate over 10 years by way of a voluntary targeted rate on your Regional Council rates by Direct Debit. You may also qualify for a one-off grant if you’re removing a non-compliant open fire or wood burner. Contact us today and we can help you with your application for both the grant or loan.

Your gas heating appliance and installation experts.

If you’re considering adding a gas fire or heater to your home, contact us. We can help you understand the best heating option for your budget and your interior design, so you can enjoy maximum value from your investment.

It’s not just the gas fire that you choose that’s important: it’s also key to know that it’s being installed right first time. Our team is fully trained and we’re members of the Master Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Association NZ. Call us today and choose the best when you’re adding a gas fire to your home.

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