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Summer’s coming. That means people are already getting excited about the hot, dry months ahead. But if you’re on a rainwater dependent water supply – like a tank or bore – then chances are you’re also a little worried about having the water you need during Summer.

In fact, even households on a town water supply need to focus on their water consumption during the dryer months. Many councils now ask their residents to conserve water during summer. That can mean water restrictions for gardeners and a focus on reducing water use for everyone else.

East Coast Plumbing and Gas can help you with a range of solutions that make it easier to conserve water. We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite options, but if you want to make the most of your water supply why not give us a call? We can help you choose the best solutions to make the biggest impact for your home or business.

Start by fixing leaks fast

A leaking tap can waste 15 litres of water a day which adds up to over 5,000 litres of water across a year. Check your taps now – inside and outside – and if you have a leak then make sure you get it fixed straight away. It could make the difference between water to spare and an empty tank by the end of summer.

Install water efficient goods

If you use appliances that consume water – like washing machines and dishwashers – then choosing a water efficient model is a good way to make the most of available water. Even if you don’t have the most eco-friendly model on the market, most modern appliances do have a water efficient programme. It’s a good idea to use this – particularly in the dry summer months.

Make your plumbing more water efficient

Toilets, taps and showers are one of the biggest drains on our water supply. If you’re trying to control how much water you use in summer, installing low-flow options can help everyone in the house to consume less.

Use less water

If may seem obvious but one of the best ways to conserve water is to simply use less. Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth, reduce showering time, hold off from having baths during the summer. Take a look at the way that you use water now and make plans as a household to change your usage before the drier months begin.

Manage outdoor water use carefully

Gardens often suffer during summer, and that’s the time your plants will benefit from some supplementary water to keep things lush and green. If you need to water your plants, try doing it at night or in the cooler early morning hours. Consider installing irrigation or a timer so you can manage your water levels and make the most of any watering you do.

Make the most of rainwater

Even if you enjoy the luxury of a mains water supply, you may still face watering restrictions in summer. Connecting a water tank to your gutters can give you access to water in the garden throughout the dry summer months. Using a watering can rather than a sprinkler can help you make sure the rainwater you collect gets right to the roots of the plants you’re caring for.

Do you need help managing your water supply this Summer? If you need to conserve your water or collect rainwater, East Coast Plumbing and Gas can help you explore your options. We can provide expert advice on the right appliances for your home, the right fittings for your showers, low-flow toilets and taps, and the best water collection solutions for outside your home.

Contact our friendly team today for more information.

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